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Bringing awareness
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Challenging our beliefs to build a brighter future

Maria Selting believes a brighter future starts with one simple question: Why?

After 10 years working for tech companies such as iZettle/PayPal, Maria knows the industry has many great tools, but not all the answers. She believes what's going to build resilience is the ability to think systematically and challenge what we take for granted – always with our hearts in the right place.

Maria hosts talks and podcast episodes about futurism, technology and philosophy, and how to integrate these subjects to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Sample talks

Here are just a few samples of some of my previous talks. I host thought-provoking talks about the future, lifestyle design and the future of work.


How can we adapt to an ever-changing world? How fast is the world changing? What are the great ideas across the world we can get inspired by? 
I present a few different concepts that futurists across the world are working on.

Gazing into the
Ideas of the Future

What are the mental shifts we need to thrive in the future? You can always learn new skills – navigating chaos is the hard part. I run through five mental shifts that worldwide thought-leaders believe are key to thrive in the future. 

Mental Shifts to Thrive
in the Future 

How do you teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) morality and ethics? How can philosophy guide you in ethical dilemmas? How can you better understand what you are building, before it is too late? By glimpsing into philosophy, technology can find guidance.

How Technology Can Build Resilience with Philosophy

“Maria is a rising star on stage, and her thought-provoking approach to the debate makes it an event worth watching. She thrives with questioning like a Socrates disciple and makes sure everyone is actively thinking, not just watching.”

- Joao Mendes, Online Events Consultant
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JOAO6 Low qwuality_edited.jpg

Making sense of the future

I also put my thought-provoking ideas into writing. Check out some of my work to read how I make sense of the future.

Request an exploration call

I tailor my Keynote talks to your need. Reach out to request an exploration call with the team.


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Tune into my podcast

In my podcast Unbox Your World I interview brilliant minds across the world making a difference in their field. Tune in to get inspired.


How can we teach technology morality and ethics, when not even philosophers have agreed on a simple rule that defines moral behaviour?

with Devin Gonier, 
CTO and TedX Speaker


What if we redesign how we design the world? According to Stephen Bau, design has always reinvented itself. It's time to change what designers optimize for.

Stephen Bau, retired UX-designer
30+ years experience


Why do tech billionaires such as Elon Musk support Universal Basic Income? What are the financial arguments behind it? How would it work in practise?

Professor Guy Standing, co-founder

Basic Income Earth Network

Tell me more

Send me a message and let me know more about your event or conference. Who is your audience and what would you like them to take away from my Keynote talk? I always tailor my talks for every client. Please reach out and we'll discuss the best format for your needs.

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