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Meet Maria

To understand the future, we first need to understand the past and the present.

Tech philosopher and Keynote speaker

Maria Selting

Maria Selting is on a mission to create a better tomorrow by asking one simple question: Why?

In an ever-changing world with technology developing at an exceptional speed, it is more important than ever to stay on top of change. We do this by challenging our current – and sometimes biased – belief systems.

Having spent 10+ years at tech companies such as iZettle/PayPal, Maria believes technology has great potential, but it does not have all the answers. Today she’s certain that what's going to build true future resilience is the ability to think systematically and make sense of an unknown world.

Maria hosts Keynote talks and a podcast about futurism, community, and philosophy, and how to integrate these subjects to thrive in the unknown.

Reach out to book Maria for a talk.

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Send me a message and let me know more about your event or conference. Who is your audience and what would you like them to take away from my Keynote talk? I always tailor my talks for every client. Please reach out and we'll discuss the best format for your needs.

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